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Startup Tips We Could Learn from Steve Jobs

Lifograph Speaker Series - Manny Fernandez, angel investor

Manny Fernandez (@mannyfernandez) is the CEO/Co-Founder of @DreamFunded and Founder of @SF Angels Group.

1. Be a leader

Steve Jobs was a college dropout, but he was a leader. He was able to rally up investors and employees to create an amazing product.

Leadership is something you develop over time. You have to embrace the idea of being a leader, then get followers to support you.

2. Find a mega-market, early

Steve Jobs found early a mass market. His vision was that everyone will have a personal computer.

As an entrepreneur you need to skate where the puck is going. Be alert to new trends and take advantage of massive shifts in the market.

3. Find a great cofounder

Steve Jobs needed a cofounder with technical skills who could build a computer, so he went to HomeBrew Computer Club where he eventually met Steve Wozniak.

To find a cofounder you should network with people who have a strong interest in your industry. Attend meetups, industry conferences, hackathons, and other related events to meet like-minded people you can work with on your startup.

Be alert to new trends and take advantage of massive shifts in the market.

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Thank you to Sonia Easaw, digital marketer, for helping with the draft and proofreading of this blog. Follow Sonia on Twitter @seasaw1984.

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