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              "If you’re an entrepreneur or an up-and-coming tech company, then you absolutely have to use Lifograph.


              Lifograph is putting together an encyclopedia of the who’s who in Silicon Valley, and the tech industry in general, so that you can connect with VC’s, angel investors and fellow entrepreneurs.


              What makes Lifograph really appealing is that you have access to a graph that illustrates how people in the industry are connected to each other.  


              Also, there’s a handy timeline so that you can explore the success and fails of tech companies before investing any more time in growing that connection."




    Craig Corbett, Entrepreneur Media

    "If you work in bustling tech hubs like Silicon Valley, it is becoming increasingly easy to connect with people who can really push your business forward, thanks to tools like Lifograph."




    Murray Newlands, Inc. Magazine

         "Though this tool is currently in its beta mode, it is shaping up to be one of the most useful tools out there for entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. 


              It is an encyclopedia of other business owners and venture capitalists that can be looked at in many different ways to not only provide the means to reach out to people within your business community, but to understand their place in the community and evaluate how important that connection could be for you."

    Ken Spencer Brown, Investor's Business Daily

      "[Lifograph] creates a visual chart that lets companies see connections among venture capital investors and other Silicon Valley bigwigs.


              When done well, combining pieces of information into a lucid whole can offer insight that's often counterintuitive."





    A while ago, Dea Wilson, Lifograph founder, was looking for more information about an investor and executive she wanted to do business with.


    Google gave her 500,000+ search results to look through. She was trying to understand the executive's track record and figure out who would be the right person to make her a warm intro.


    She spent almost 2 hours doing research. In the end she compiled his timeline and a connection map with arrows pointed to many other people and companies in his network.


    Problem was, there were four more investors and executives she needed to research. :- (  


    Yup! Ten hours of her life she couldn't get back.


    At that point Dea wished that there was one central repository of everyone's biographical information organized in chronological order. She wished that there was a "Wiki of people", so to speak.


    There was none, so she decided to build it.


    And Lifograph was born.




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    Dea grew up in Romania and came to the US on a full scholarship from University of Washington. Later she also got her MBA from an Ivy League university (UPenn) at Wharton School of Business and took a program at Harvard University.


    After an internship at Microsoft Dea moved to Silicon Valley where she started several tech companies in fashion, e-commerce, social networking and others.


    Dubbed "Ms. Silicon Valley", Dea is a "superconnector", her connections including many "Who's Who" of Silicon Valley. Dea has been mentioned and interviewed in many publications including Entrepreneur Media, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Yahoo Finance, Investor Business Daily, etc.


    She is Executive Director at The VC Network and LifographTV where she interviews various VCs, angels, executives and founders.




    Merrick built his first computer in junior high, but he can build just about anything, from APIs and backend systems to cars and houses.


    Merrick is always interested in learning and implementing the latest, fastest and most scalable cutting edge technologies. He likes to participate in various hackathons around Silicon Valley and has been a guest speaker at several technology events.


    He is a full stack developer with a penchant for social network analysis and an expert in graph databases and backend development.


    A proud US Army veteran, Merrick excels in leadership and teamwork, skills that come in handy when rallying up the team.


    Whether living the rollercoaster startup life or going on an outdoorsy adventure, he always enjoys a wild ride.




    Data Scientist


    Stelios is our data wizzard. He has a PhD in Computer Science, which he graduated with a research paper in predictive modelling.


    He also has master degrees and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Statistics, Economics and Psychology.


    Stelios is an expert in developing recommender systems, search alghorithms, predictive analytics, data visualizations and more.


    He is a prolific blog writer on data science and machine learning and is honored to be a Member of the Royal Statistical Society.



    Software Engineer


    Annie worked in software engineering at Uber and she is also an incoming software engineer at Facebook.


    She studied Computer Science and Economics at Cornell University and the University of Edinburgh.


    She graduated in top 1% of her high school and was President of the Science Olympiad. She was also a National AP Scholar and National Merit Finalist.

    She enjoys sharing her love for JavaScript, jQuery, Python and Java as an Advisor at Codecademy. Her passions also include designing and launching nano-satellites.



    Software Engineer


    Brooks began coding early in his life. He started his first company in college and was able to build it and raise money in record time.


    He has a dual degree in Computer Science and Chemistry from Western University and was an Honor Roll Student in high school.


    In the past he worked as a software engineer for several other startups and was a Research Assistant at Philipps-Universität Marburg.


    In his spare time he loves to contribute to various open source projects using the newest, cutting edge technologies.





    Andrei is our pixel ninja. He designed for magazines like Maxim, Men’s Health and InStyle, for movie companies like MGM, Paramount and Fox, for brands like Nivea, Dior and Honda, etc.

    He can master anything from print to web and mobile UI/UX design.


    His weapons of choice are Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Plus lots and lots of coffee.



    Digital Content


    Michael is a wordsmith. He started his career as a newspaper journalist and was Bureau Chief at LA Daily Journal and Managing Editor at Sun Time News Group.


    His experience also include digital marketing and content for Fortune 500 companies like IBM and AOL. He also worked in public relations while at Fishman PR, one of the most reputable PR companies in the US.






    Murray Newlands was named by the Huffington Post as one of "The Top 10 People to Know in Silicon Valley". Entrepreneur Media included him in the "Top 50 Online Marketing Influencers" and Inc. Magazine recommended Murray as one of the "21 Thought Leaders Every Entrepreneur Should Follow".


    Murray is a regular writer for Entrepreneur Media, Forbes, The Huffington Post, VentureBeat, Mashable, Business Insider, etc. and is an influencer with millions of followers on social media.


    He is also an Advisor at Draper Nexus Ventures and Lecturer at the Academy of Art University. As a marketing expert Murray has worked with numerous companies including Cisco and Nokia.


    Murray is the founder of Sighted.com, Due.com and Influence People PR agency. He is also the author of several books on online marketing, PR, traction and content marketing.






    John Rampton is an influencer with millions of followers on social media. He is a regular writer for publications like TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Huffington Post, etc.


    He was named #2 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes named him a Blogging Expert. He was also featured in Time, Fortune, CNN, Fox News, ABC News.


    He is the founder of Due.com and Blogging.org and he is also the Managing Editor at Search Engine Journal, a digital marketing site with an audience of 700,000+ monthly visitors. As a marketing expert John has worked with numerous companies including Starbucks and Adobe.


    John is also the author of several books on topics that range from search engines, online marketing and PR to traction and content marketing.





    Hermione Way is a social media influencer, journalist, Bravo TV reality show star, video correspondent for The Next Web and serial entrepreneur.


    During her career she worked extensively with companies like American Airlines, Facebook and Tinder.


    She was also a featured cast member on "Startups: Silicon Valley", the $25M reality show on Bravo TV.


    Hermione later launched a global startup competition called StartupWorld. She is also the founder of WayMedia, a PR and marketing agency and she is currently working on her new initiative, The Brand Accelerator.


    She has an extensive network and you might find her rubbing shoulders with Mark Zuckerberg and Snoop Dogg or partying in the hot tub with Harry Styles of One Direction and Sir Richard Branson.




    Rajani Ramanathan is the former COO of SalesForce.


    She is currently Board Member at ESI Group ($150M in revenue) and also part of the investor network SheEO which includes thousands of women investors from all over the world.


    Rajani was awarded the Tribute to Women and Industry Award, one of Silicon Valley's most prestigious awards, honoring women leaders in executive-level positions.


    In addition, Rajani is a frequent conference speaker and has been featured in many publications including the Harvard Business Review.


    Rajani has been an active angel investor and advisor to numerous tech startups including Medium, Traction Labs, Vayu, Invicara, etc.




    Bill Reichert is Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures, the venture capital firm he co-founded with celebrity VC Guy Kawasaki.


    Garage's notable investments include Pandora, SimplyHired, WhiteHat Security, The Motley Fool, Kaboodle and many more.


    Bill is a frequent guest speaker at events organized by many organizations including Stanford University, VC Taskforce, SVForum, Kauffman Foundation, Churchill Club, and many others.


    An accomplished entrepreneur and VC, Bill has an AB from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford University.




    Daniel used to work at Wikipedia on many interesting legal issues arising from building a crowdsourced top internet site with millions of monthly users.


    He has a law degree from UC Davis and a B.A. from UC San Diego.


    He is helping us on various legal matters related to contracts, terms of use and privacy policy, copyright and trademark guidelines, community rules, and more.


    Interesting fact about Daniel - he ran for Governor of California a few years ago.



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